Burrowing Owl

Murray is a very special owl. He was named after Andy Murray as the original Murray (Murray I) arrived on the day Andy Murray won Wimbledon for the first time. The current Murray (Murray II) is a cheeky little chap who works in therapy and regularly works in special schools in North West UK.

He visits hospitals and hospices and is the star of several children’s books. He has met lots of famous people including the Liverpool Football Club manager Jurgen Klopp and comedian Jimmy Carr. He weighs 150 grams and is best friends with Koko the Newfoundland who weighs 57 kilos.

Burrowing owls are very vocal and Murray is no exception. When he gives a loud warning call Koko is the first to rush to his help and check what is going on.

Murray also acts as an ambassador for conservation projects so in adopting Murray you will also be contributing to burrowing owl conservation projects in Florida and Canada.

Adopting Murray

Sponsoring an animal via adoption supports the work of Hack Back CIC in delivering animal assisted interventions for children, young people and adults with a wide range of conditions including autism, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, cancer, learning disability and dementia.