Northern White Faced Owl

Axel is an anagram of Alex and is named after our young friend Alex Goodwin. Axel works as a therapy owl at Hack Back CIC and is a very popular member of the team. He’s a very laid back owl and is happy to fly in hospital wards, hospices, school halls or in the flying arena at Cheshire Falconry.

Like his brother Flash he does an excellent impression of a cat meowing. He was once in his box in the lodge at Cheshire Falconry and Steve the owner spent half an hour trying to find the cat that was hiding in there only to discover it was Axel all along.

By adopting Axel you will also be contributing to the ongoing treatment of Alexander Goodwin who is in remission from a rare form of Bone cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Adopting Axel

Sponsoring an animal via adoption supports the work of Hack Back CIC in delivering animal assisted interventions for children, young people and adults with a wide range of conditions including autism, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, cancer, learning disability and dementia.