Bolt In Bolton – Bolt visits BYPHS

Our mascot Bolt the Burrowing Owl was at the open day of Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme yesterday. A wonderful organisation which helps the homeless young people of Bolton. Here he is with Director Maura Jackson.

Women’s Project Success

The Women’s Programme commissioned by Knowsley MBC and delivered in partnership with Knowsley Probation Trust, PSS and Innovate Volunteering has been a complete success whith the women all achieving positive outcomes.

The Female Offenders Operational Lead Manager for Knowsley has stated “It is clear since the conclusion of the programme that the women speak fondly of their time spent with Hack Back in increasing their confidence and developing their ideas, and all continue to make positive progress. I am aware that this increased confidence and positive focus for the future can be attributed to the input they had with the Hack Back programme”.

Links with the Middle East

We are currently in discussions with staff from the Dubai Falcon Hospital to enhance our understanding of falconry in the Middle East. We are particularly interested in the culture and heritage of Middle Eastern falconry and how it impacts on the people involved. This will continue to inform and update our cross-cultural projects.