Alexander’s Journey

Earlier this year Murray the Owl received a tweet asking him to tweet a message to a boy called Alex who loves birds of prey. Alex is 9 years old and is going through treatment for a rare form of bone cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma. After a few tweets backward and forward Anita got in contact with Alex’s dad Jeff and said that she would like to visit Alex with the Hack Back owls. So this was the start of the friendship.

Hack Back gets support from Agent Marketing

Hack Back are delighted to be working with Agent Marketing who are supporting us in developing our organisation Working with Agent Marketing

Murray starts work in the NHS

Murray starts working in NHS mental health wards Murray’s first NHS visit.

Murray visits Media City

Murray visits Media City to support his pals from Cheshire Falconry filming on 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown Murray visits Media city

Autumn Newsletter 2013

Here is our Autumn Newsletter with information about what we have been up to over the last few months. Hack Back Newsletter

Cronton Gala, Knowsley

We had an amazing day at Cronton gala on Saturday 15th June. The weather was a bit challenging and our handmade toy lucky owls kept taking flight. However, with the help of Tony from Cheshire Falconry and his daughter Macy (11) , we raised £112 towards the work we do at Hack Back. It was lovely to meet people and a great opportunity to talk about our work.

Owl meets Eagle

We had a fantastic meeting with MP Maria Eagle today. It was wonderful to discuss our work with this amazing lady who has done so much work in the past with issues around vulnerable women involved in the Criminal Justice System.

She kindly gave us much of her time and listened to the problems faced by small organisations like ours. She particularly enjoyed meeting Bolt.

Hack Back take over Third Sector work from HMCL

Holden Morris Consulting Ltd (HMCL) have been delivering training, coaching and consultancy to Third Sector organisations for the last eight years. The Third Sector specialists from HMCL have now joined Hack Back CIC to build the consultancy side of the social enterprise. The highly qualified and experienced team have built a reputation for delivering results at a reasonable cost. Fees earned from consultancy work are used to deliver Hack Back’s innovative therapeutic  and development programmes to vulnerable adults and young people. Private sector organisations using Hack Back’s consultancy support are able to do so with the confidence in knowing that they are contribulting to the community in line with their CSR policy.

Brilliant poem by one of our clients

This probably explains our work better than we do :>)

Click here – THANK YOU – GW poem