Farnworth Methodist Church – visiting speaker

  We had a lovely visit to the Guild of Farnworth Methodist Church, Widnes. An article for the church magazine summarises our visit wonderfully.Hack Back – Church Magazine article

Alexander’s Journey

Earlier this year Murray the Owl received a tweet asking him to tweet a message to a boy called Alex who loves birds of prey. Alex is 9 years old and is going through treatment for a rare form of bone cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma. After a few tweets backward and forward Anita got in contact with Alex’s dad Jeff and said that she would like to visit Alex with the Hack Back owls. So this was the start of the friendship.

Hack Back gets support from Agent Marketing

Hack Back gets some brilliant help from Agent Marketing

Murray starts work in the NHS

Murray visits NHS wards, care homes and hospices

Murray visits Media City

Murray meets celebrities at Media City