Alexander’s Journey

In July 2016 Murray the Owl received a tweet asking him to tweet a message to a boy called Alex who loves birds of prey. Alex is 9 years old and is going through treatment for a rare form of bone cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma. After a few tweets backward and forward Anita got in contact with Alex’s dad Jeff and said that she would like to visit Alex with the Hack Back owls. This was the start of the friendship. Anita has been contacted by many of Alex’s Twitter followers (@alexs_journey) who have donated the cost of fuel for visits, paid for a falconry glove for Alex and plotted fundraising opportunities. There has been such wonderfully positive support from people far and wide who have never met and who have been brought together by an amazing boy. Later this year Alex and his dad will train in falconry skills at Cheshire Falconry who have kindly offered to train them free of charge. However, before that can happen Alex is undergoing treatment in USA and his family have to raise several £100,000 to make this happen, not an easy task. Please follow Alex on Twitter (@alexs_journey) to find links to his Just Giving page.